Welfare and Advocacy

Veteran Welfare

Montmorency Eltham RSL Sub-Branch has a Veteran Welfare Officer who is the Senior Vice President of the RSL and a service member, Mr. Andrew Hall. He assists with welfare for service, ex-service veterans and war widows who seek support with information, advice and any welfare assistance we can provide to the individual circumstance. 



Andrew Hall – vicepresident@mersl.com.au  

ph. 0400 012 493

or call us on 9434 2085 


Montmorency Eltham RSL Sub-Branch has a Level 1 ADTP qualified advocate, Mr. Kevin Myers. Kevin can assist and guide you with all DVA questions and submissions, and has access to a large bank of resources and advocates.

Kevin has an office at Montmorency Eltham RSL and will take appointments by emailing him on the address below. Feel free to reach out anytime.



Kevin Myers – advocate@mersl.com.au

or call us on 9434 2085  


Veterans and Families Counseling – 1800 011 046

Safe Zone Support Counseling  – 1800 142 072

Defence Family Helpline – 1800 624 608

Defence All-hours Support Line  – 1800 628 036
Australian Governments Department Of Veterans’ Affairs

Key services include pensions, education schemes, payments to support eligible family members of veterans, mental health support services, transportation and income support.

RSL Victoria Branch
Returned and Serviced League Australia

Offering veteran support with compensation and welfare claims.

The Coffee Club in an initiative designed to encourage veterans to support one another in the community and get together over coffee and meet other veterans alike.

Coffee Club happens on the first Monday of the month at 10:30am in our Memorabilia room.

If transportation is needed, it can be arranged by calling 9434 2085.